Cheap essay writing service

Such a request can often be found on Google. Can an essay writing service be both cheap and high quality at the same time? I think no. Let’s take a look at the pitfalls of a cheap writing service.

Non-native English writers

The most common problem with cheap writing services. These services employ writers from –°hina, India, and the Philippines. As a result, the essay has many semantic and grammatical errors.

Copying other people’s works

Plagiarism is another frequent problem of cheap services. The fact that such services can not afford to buy a license for special software to check for plagiarism.

Broken deadlines

The number of writers on cheap service is usually small. Therefore, they often don’t cope with the set deadlines. As a result, you can get the essay later, when it’s no longer need.


The conclusions are very simple – cheap cannot be of high quality. You shouldn’t use writing services that promise a lot for a low price. Order your essay only from trusted writing services.

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